About Us

Robert Dearden is a renowned photographer from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Robert has covered a variety of events & contributed to a multitude of projects including:

  • Indo Canadian Telegram
  • Punjab Cultural Centre
  • The Barony of Castel Rouge
  • Great Wall Dancers of Winnipeg
  • Asian Heritage month
  • India Pavilion at Folklorama
  • Korean Times
  • Manitoba Aviation Council
  • Aviation news magazine

Over the years, Robert has built up an extensive portfolio in many areas of photography, including commercial photography, and is always striving to enhance his expertise by attending seminars, conferences, and discussions with other photographers.

Robert’s dedication to his craft have led him to:

  • Graduate from Red River College – Certificate in Photography (Hons) – 2006
  • 3rd level courses at Prairie View photography school in portraits, macro photography, flash photography, fall landscapes, action photography, alternate processes
  • Professional membership in Professional Photographers of Canada – 2015
  • Received professional accreditation for a Performing Artists portfolio in 2015
  • Attendance at PPOC MB provincial conferences
  • Attended PPOC National conferences in (Winnipeg) 2014 and (Calgary) 2016
  • Attended PPOC Saskatchewan conferences in Regina and Saskatoon 2014 and 2015
  • Attendance at monthly meetings/seminars of PPOC MB

You can view more of Robert’s work on the following websites:

Avenue Photo Studio on Facebook

How much does professional photography cost?

This question is not a simply one size fits all, however we have provided some guidelines below for your information:

  1. passport photos $ 20 taxes included
  2. head shot sessions starting at $ 125 plus taxes
  3. family sessions starting at $ 150 plus taxes
  4. weddings, starting at $ 1,000
  5. other sessions for maternity, new born, pets, others- starting at $150

We will provide specific quotes based on your needs for the above and also for any special events eg conferences, anniversaries, birthdays, performances, or anything else you can think of.

Did you know? We can also do:

  • christmas cards,
  • images for posters/promotions/events
  • advertising shots for your business