A big thanks to Robert, he was amazing to work with and the atmosphere in the studio was great. He was very friendly and made me and Chris feel very comfortable.  I’m looking forward to working with him in the future on some awesome projects.

Melanie Small

February, 2017

Yahooo, we will not be ordering those school pictures this year! We are simply supporting our local businesses in every area we can! The annual pictures for Callie and now my granddaughter Cynthia will be done by none other then Robert Dearden! I will wind up with better pictures this year for sure! Don’t forget Robert has been out on the pow wow trail all summer long so if you want to get your pics done professionally give him a shout!


September, 2015

I love your pictures and you do such a beautiful job in taking pictures.  🙂  Keep it up !  Have a good day.


June, 2015

Check him out avenue photography! He’s great to work with!

Nicole S

March, 2014

Recently we had a photoshoot at Villa Rosa Winnipeg.
Huge thank you to Robert for being on location and providing the session for all these wonderful expectant women.


August, 2016

During the spring of 2015 I had the privilege and wonderful opportunity to visit the Avenue Photography Studio in the east side of Winnipeg, Manitoba owned by the creative founder, Robert Dearden. We had the chance to collaborate together in order to capture some shots of dance and “indigenized” portraits. I was very grateful for the opportunity and impressed with the final copies.

Robert Dearden has always been a well known photographer in our community. He studied photography at Red River College and shoots a range of photography including studio portraiture, community and multicultural events, weddings, newborns and maternity,  powwows and many others. He attends these events here in Winnipeg and throughout the province with his camera and gear in hand making sure to capture the right moments. He also appreciates the art of photography and honours the importance of quality and value. His work can be found on his Facebook page by or his website at www.avenuephotostudio.comI also strongly recommend checking out Robert’s work and supporting his local business.
Shanley Spence

July, 2014

Robert Dearden takes beautiful pictures!!! If you have an event or gathering coming up, I would consider hiring him if he is available.

Hilda C

May, 2014